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    written by on July 30, 2013

    Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors uses UNIFLEX Fluid Applied Roofing Systems as our preferred roofing system for flat roofs here in Colorado Springs. UNIFLEX is a next generation elastomeric coating that offers huge advantages over a normal EPDM or Modified Bitumen system. Developed by Sherwin-Williams in conjunction with KST Coatings, the UNIFLEX Roofing System is designed to be the last coating your flat roof will need.

    UNIFLEX offers a variety of fluid applied roofing system solutions that meet the demands of every roofscape and climate. These systems minimize thermal shock, ensuring that the roof will last longer and perform better. UNIFLEX high-performance roofing systems have excellent tensile strength and high reflectivity, keeping the roof closer to ambient temperature and decreasing thermal expansion. Reducing temperature fluctuations on the roof will minimize thermal stress on seams, flashing detail, and fasteners — in short, the entire roofing system.

    UNIFLEX Fluid Applied Elastomeric Roofing System

    UNIFLEX’s elastomeric roofing system is engineered to provide maximum water resistance and protect the building from leaks. With both acrylic and solvent based formulations, these fully adhered and monolithic systems provide seamless protection for even the most challenging roofs. Extend the building’s life cycle and reduce energy consumption with UNIFLEX’s highly reflective elastomeric roofing system.

    UNIFLEX Fluid Applied Fabric-Reinforced Roofing System

    For roofs that require the most rugged protection from the elements, UNIFLEX offers a high-performance, fabric reinforced roofing system. Available in both acrylic and solvent-based formulations, these systems combine the waterproofing protection of the elastomeric product with an embedded, high-strength reinforcement fabric. This helps the roof resist wind and hail damage by creating a strong, fully adhered, lightweight membrane that helps prevent the two primary causes of roof leaks — splitting and rupturing.

    No Tear-Offs

    Extend The Life of Your Roof

    Sustainable Solutions

    Seamless Waterproofing

    Energy & Utility Savings

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