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    written by on July 6, 2012

    At Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors We Use A Simple, 5-Step Exterior Paint Process To Ensure You Get A Top-Quality Coating Application

    Gorgeous home with a fresh paint job! This is a home that we roofed and painted! This is a home that we roofed and painted!

    Every project is a little different, so please allow one of our specialists to complete a full inspection of your home to identify the scope, cost, and amount of time required to complete your house painting project. To maintain our high quality standards here at Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors, each of our exterior house painting projects use the following 5 steps, where applicable:

    1. Wash

    First, we prepare the surface by giving it a good cleaning. Depending on your contract, the areas are either power washed or hand washed to remove dirt, loose paint, and mildew.

    2. Surface Preparation

    Then, based on your proposal, we scrape any remaining loose paint and scuff sand all glossy surfaces. We also caulk all gaps to prevent water intrusion to the new coating.

    3. Paint

    As lined out in your contract, the repaired areas are primed and painted with a quality product to ensure a uniform finish on your home.

    4. Clean

    At the end of each day, and again at the completion of your project, our painting crew will clean up the site. They will remove any paint chips, and all our materials will be packed up and stored neatly.

    5. Inspect

    After our crew completes your project, we will conduct a final inspection. We also invite you to inspect our work yourself and complete a feedback card for our records.

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